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Spiral sterling silver pendant

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Spirals and swirls are one of the oldest symbols. They have symbolism in many cultures, as it is found in weather, our natural and built environment, plants, and our own physiology. Here are some of the different representations spirals can have for different people. It can represent: 

  • growth, evolution, renewal
  • journey, direction and progress
  • harmony, beginning, focus and concentration
  • the slow reveal of things that are hidden
  • the life cycle
  • returning to the same point in life, but with new and fresh understanding
  • encouragement to be flexible as things change
  • to expand the mind
  • a spiritual meaning, in changing focus from ego towards enlightenment
  • the way that the stars and planets revolve in the night sky

In the ancient Greek culture it is said to represent infinity, with continual motion and balance. 

In Celtic cultures it is said to represent birth, expansion and development. 


Product details: 

925 sterling silver

Swirl pendant measures approximately 17 mm wide, 27 mm from bail to base, and 2mm deep. 

Some variations will be seen in the finish as this item is made from a cast

Chain not included. We have a variety of chains available here. The omega chain it is pictured with is here

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