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Jewellery care


Jewellery descriptions and photographs: 

All measurements are approximate.  All weights are approximate to calculate shipping charges only. Please note colours can appear differently depending upon your screen settings. 


Jewellery care: 

All items are inspected for quality at time of shipping.

Inclusions in stones and pearls are part of the jewellery's character and are not faults or cause for exchange. All items are priced according to the quality of the stone and craftmanship. eg. A stone with more inclusions will already be priced lower than one with fewer inclusions; a more rustic style of jewellery will be priced lower than one that is nearly flawless in its make.

Jewellery may be cleaned with a soft cloth. Silver cleaning cloths are recommended for polishing silver rather than cleaning solutions. Cleaning solutions, perfumes and cosmetics may stain jewellery.

Stones, shell, enamels and pearls may chip or crack if knocked against a hard surface. Silver and gold may weaken or snap if bent out of shape, and will scratch against surfaces or other jewellery.

Necklace chains in gold or silver will break if pulled at. If your hair/ scarf/ clothing is caught in your chain, you're best to stop and gently untangle it. The most common return is from people who have tugged at the chain or their hair/ scarf/ clothing to get it free, and have snapped the chain. You're stronger than you think, and chains are not as strong as you think!

Elastic bracelets may break if overstretched and will wear with time and need to be restrung. Jewellery made on wire will remain kinked if bent out of shape; and may stretch with wear or if stored in a hanging position, and may need to be periodically restrung as it stretches or frays through wear. Knotted stones and pearls often need to be restrung biannually, depending on wear.  

Jewellery is delicate and must be treated with care. Jewellery is best kept dry. Jewellery is best stored flat in a soft pouch or box, out of direct sunlight and protected from the air in a cool, dry place.

Rhodium and gold plating will wear off with use. Yellow and rose gold plating is best used for occasional wear, on items with limited contact with your skin (eg earrings will show slower signs of wear than a ring or bracelet). If you love your gold plated jewellery and use it a lot, you can expect the gold plate to wear off quickly. We can re plate your items for a fee. Contact us with your request. 

Gold and platinum jewellery should be inspected every 6 to 12 months for wear and any repairs completed eg. to repair a worn claw on a ring that could result in loss of a stone. Silver is by its nature less strong than gold and will show signs of wear and tear sooner if worn daily.

Please see our shipping and returns page for details of our policies, and feel free to contact us with any queries. 
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