Beautiful jewellery, brilliant design. 

Yellow gold plated silver

Our collection of yellow gold plated silver pieces is currently being photographed. 

We can gold plate any of our sterling silver items. Please contact us with your custom request.

These items are solid sterling silver. They are then plated with two layers of 9 carat yellow gold. This give us the longest lasting yellow gold plating possible, with the most beautiful finish. 

As described in our jewellery care page, all plating will wear off with use. It is recommended that yellow gold plated jewellery be kept dry and in its jewellery box, away from air and sunlight. It is also best for items such as earring which do not have a great deal of contact with your skin. In comparison, bracelets, rings and the underside of pendants will show signs of wear more quickly. 

It is best used for occasional wear. If you love your yellow gold plated jewellery and use it a lot, you can expect the gold plate to wear off. We can re plate your items for a fee. Contact us with your request. 

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