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Succulent statement silver

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
We're loving statement silver pieces to brighten up winter. 
Rounded mexican silver collar (online) and sterling silver linked bangle (in store).
Twisted bands sterling silver bangle (online).
Silver loop earrings (online).
The diamonds and engagement rings cabinet had a little succulents makeover too, care of Shayna's flowers. 
Sterling silver llilypad pendant (online).
Sterling silver teardrop earrings (online).
Our succulent silver window display, at our shop in Melbourne
More pieces coming to our online store soon in our 'Statement Silver' collection. 
Or come and say hi to Shayna and Carolina in store :-)

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Julie's remodelled diamond ring using CAD

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
Julie had this beautiful ring made for herself using our Computer Aided Design service. 
She designed a low setting, with detail on the shoulders
adding interest while also reducing the gold weight used.
These are the drawings done as a part of the CAD process.
You can see the gold that will become claws to hold the diamonds in place are 'sticking up' in the mould. Sometimes this worries customers! We promise the finished ring won't look like an angry echidna!
This is a close up to show the claws Julie chose.
She designed claws that wrap around the stone to give the setting strength.
We love bringing our customers' ideas to life. 
See other custom design stories, or contact us with your requests. 

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A very unique ring custom made using Computer Aided Design

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
Here's a very unique example of one of our made to order rings made using Computer Aided Design (CAD). 
The customer requested a clean, modern and heavy ring featuring her own green stone at its centre. The ring is made in sterling silver, and was set with amethysts to complement the green. It also features a 'beaten look' finish to give the ring texture. 
These are the CAD drawings we were able to show the customer before going ahead and making the ring. (It was originally designed with diamonds, which the customer decided to swap to amethysts for more colour).
It's a great example of bringing a customer's ideas to life. 
Contact us with your ideas, we'd love to help you create your special piece of jewellery.

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Bringing you vintage style using new technology!

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
We are enjoying using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create some stunning new ring designs, based on glorious vintage styles. Here's a few favourites to show you!
(Click on the images to view the rings in our online shop. We've taken photos from every angle!)
We are happy to make these rings using white, yellow or rose gold. Combinations can often look beautiful too. 
We love to use beautiful diamonds, and will help you find the perfect stone to suit your style, preferences and budget. Here's information about choosing your diamond. If you're interested in how we source our diamonds and manage the ethics of this precious stone, we've written about it here
These rings could also be made using coloured gemstones. Just ask and we'll help you find a beautiful stone to suit. 
These rings are all listed as 'price on application' as we will provide the best quote possible for your requirements. 

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Getting ready for Mother's Day!

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
Mother's Day is on May 11th.
Shayna and Carolina had a great time getting us ready for Mother's Day yesterday. 
There's some gorgeous sterling silver bangles set with carnelian or turquoise; our meditteranean coral earrings and rings set in 9 carat gold; and these beautiful faceted carnelian earrings.
As always, we offer free gift wrapping, and we also have special Mother's Day cards complimentary with your gift purchase.
Get in touch with us to order your personalised jewellery for a special gift.
We'll have a special surprise in store on the Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May too ;-)
Drop in for a visit or watch our facebook page for details.

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