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A sentimental Valentine's day coin

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
A customer contacted us with a very special request for  Valentine's day gift.
Having loved our coin jewellery, he wanted to know if we could set his own coin?
Of course! We can do nearly anything ;-)
This coin is from the couple's travels in Zimbambwe. 
Since they live in Adelaide, it needed to do a little extra travelling by registered post. 
I polished the coin as best I could, set it in a sterling silver surround, and had it back to them ready for Valentine's day. 
It's a good example of how we can custom design jewellery with a great result as an online business, no matter where you live!
I'm pleased to hear it was a well received surprise :-) 

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Australian coins in beautiful jewellery

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
Australian pennies, sixpences and florins are all available. 
Contact us if you're interested in the smooth edged fifty cent pieces too!
We also love these reproduction coin pendants, made in sterling silver. 
They are stamped 'Republique Francaise 1808', and are approximately 30mm wide and 1mm thick.
The beautiful bracelet clasps are a lovely feature, and also very strong, and easy to open and close.
Our coins can be complimented with these tassles, which are 9 carat yellow gold plated over sterling silver.
And the best thing is that you can easily swap and change over the
coins for another of your favourite pendants with ease. 
All of these items are online (click the photo for more details) or visit us in store
We can also set your own coins into jewellery if you have sentimental pieces.

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Getting ready for Mother's Day!

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
Mother's Day is on May 11th.
Shayna and Carolina had a great time getting us ready for Mother's Day yesterday. 
There's some gorgeous sterling silver bangles set with carnelian or turquoise; our meditteranean coral earrings and rings set in 9 carat gold; and these beautiful faceted carnelian earrings.
As always, we offer free gift wrapping, and we also have special Mother's Day cards complimentary with your gift purchase.
Get in touch with us to order your personalised jewellery for a special gift.
We'll have a special surprise in store on the Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May too ;-)
Drop in for a visit or watch our facebook page for details.

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A custom made emerald and diamond engagement ring

Posted on April 15, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
We custom designed this glorious emerald and diamond engagement ring for Luke and his bride to be, Julie. 
It is hand made in Melbourne, with a centre emerald and diamonds set on the shoulders in platinum. 
The high setting for the emerald was chosen to look like a crown atop the ring.
It is hand engraved on the sides of the band.
Just wait til you see the wedding ring made to sit alongside this beauty!
Contact us if you'd like us to custom design your own beautiful piece of jewellery.

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