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We have Christmas all wrapped up!

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
We're here to make life as easy for you as we can. 
All Christmas gifts come fully wrapped, with a gift card, all ready to go. 
Of course the jewellery is gift boxed inside to ensure it's beautifully presented when opened. 
You can use the gift voucher in store (until Christmas) or online (until 1st March).
Remember we're relocating to be fully online from Christmas. 
I will continue to run Sky with Diamonds, including: custom design and remodelling service to bring your jewellery ideas to life; jewellery we've designed and created ourselves; and our curated range of jewellery from around the world :-)

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Gift voucher give away!

Posted on December 01, 2014 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
It's the first of our exciting offers in the lead up to Christmas!
1. Sign up to our newsletter in the footer of any page on our website to become a VIP member
2. Make a purchase either in store or online before we close Christmas on 24th December 2014
3. We will give you a unique code with your gift voucher to use with your next purchase
  • It can be used for your next purchase in store (1st to 24th December 2014) or online (1st December 2014 to 1st March 2015)
  • Not redeemable for cash 
  • You may sign up to become a VIP at the time of purchase

Happy Christmas shopping!

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