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A sentimental Valentine's day coin

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Shayna Gavin, Jewellery Designer, Sky with Diamonds
A customer contacted us with a very special request for  Valentine's day gift.
Having loved our coin jewellery, he wanted to know if we could set his own coin?
Of course! We can do nearly anything ;-)
This coin is from the couple's travels in Zimbambwe. 
Since they live in Adelaide, it needed to do a little extra travelling by registered post. 
I polished the coin as best I could, set it in a sterling silver surround, and had it back to them ready for Valentine's day. 
It's a good example of how we can custom design jewellery with a great result as an online business, no matter where you live!
I'm pleased to hear it was a well received surprise :-) 
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